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Have a New Years’ Eve party under your patio canopy!

  • Published on 30/12/2021
  • Written by 123v

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Don’t let the winter chills keep you from hosting a New Years’ eve party in your garden. Our garden and patio verandas offer the perfect way to stay warm in the winter season while enjoying the New Years’ festivities. This is how you throw an amazing New Year’s Eve party in four simple steps.

#1 Defeat the elements

fire pit

Investing in a patio canopy will not only protect your guests from the typically wet and windy weather, but it also provides a great opportunity to include a centrepiece. During those cold winter nights what could be better than the natural heat from a wood burner or chiminea? Either of these options would add soft light, create ambience, and most importantly keep everyone warm!

Although, if you don’t fancy getting smoke in your eyes, installing integrated waterproof heaters are a perfect way to keep dry and warm. Creating an attractive, yet essential, outdoor-indoor area for the family to enjoy all year round.

#2 Create the atmosphere

fairy lights under a canopy

No party setting is complete without some festive lighting. For an extra touch, add bunting or fairy lights. The canopies structure is the perfect design to support berry lights or party lights and create a welcoming, fun atmosphere for your guests.

Although if you are looking to add permanent lighting to your canopy, LED Lights have a long lifespan and are extremely energy efficient meaning they won’t need any maintenance during the winter season. They are also eco-friendly and can be tailored to your wishes!

But, what good is a warm and well-lit party space if there is no music?

Add an extra dimension to your New Year’s party by creating two different musical areas. Keep the madness and chaos inside, and ask a friend to bring a guitar. Use your canopy to create a chilled atmosphere for your guests to enjoy while being outside and closer to nature.

Alternatively, bring out the bubbly, plug in your iPod, and listen to your favourite playlists with a Bose sound system! Transform your patio with this stylish modern feature, perfect for converting your canopy into a key entertainment space.

If you are looking for some outdoor speakers, feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our experts about the options available from a range of waterproof speakers.

#3 Enjoy the comfort

fireworks from a balcony

Canopies are a great way of creating a sheltered stylish space without taking away the experience of being outside.

Adding beanbags, cushions and throws to your garden furniture will give your party that luxury feel, plus with 85% translucent GRP canopy sheeting it means you can watch the New Year’s fireworks from right under the shelter of your heated canopy!

#4 Transform and recover

resting dog

When the party is over, take full advantage of your outdoor living area. Transform your canopy from the perfect party setting into a relaxing and tranquil area. What could be better than enjoying brunch outside in the fresh air to clear a fuzzy head?

Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and just enjoy being closer to nature with this dynamic open space. For more information regarding our service call us on 0800 783 3835, or download one of our brochures.

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