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Veranda Carports

For a very special carport, we can use custom 123v material to create a veranda canopy carport that achieves your required aesthetic outcome and automobile space.

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What is a Veranda Carport

When does a veranda become a carport? Both serve similar purposes, but a carport is just the roof extension in itself, while a Veranda Carport combines both the carport style of shading with the design philosophy of a veranda. In addition, it includes the groundworks for your automobile space, which means you are not limited to just having the natural grounds of your house.

Versatile Carports

All carports have some type of material as their roof: tiles, GRP roof sheets, polycarbonate, steel. However, by popular demand of our clients, we decided on a more aesthetical look like a veranda with a glass roof. Some have tinted glass; others have added features like cast bases for the posts and spandrels. All in all, a veranda would be equally at home covering your patio as it does cover your parking area as a veranda carport.

Veranda, Carport or both?

If you want to know more about Veranda carports, get in touch and we can assist you with any questions or optional extras you require for your Carport Veranda.


Finance Plans

123v plc can now offer payment plans to our customers in the domestic, commercial and education sectors. That means with just a 20% deposit, you can enjoy the equipment you need for your home, school, or business right away and pay over a choice of fixed periods that suits your budget.

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