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Nursery Canopies

When they're small give them an area where they can grow, fresh air and learning for kids and all. A safe canopy for your nursery school, find it here.

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Canopies for Nursery School

When it comes to nursery school children a canopy will make all the difference.

Encouraging Outdoor Learning

Over the years many nursery schoolteachers have told us of the benefits of having a covered area at their school. They say that children behave differently and are able to play in a different way. A bit of sand and water outside is no big deal. The area can be used all year round and items stored underneath it. Our GRP translucent roof sheeting lets the 85% of the light though but has a UV filter to protect those below it. We can add sides if the location is open to driving rain.  Maybe a nice bright colour, so many options available to create an amazing new space for your little ones. Here at 123v, we believe that encouraging outdoor learning is vital for the personal development and growth of children big and small.

Nursery Canopies that last

It doesn’t take long, their first day comes and goes, the next thing we know is they’re off to the big school. While they’re at your nursery let’s give them a canopy to add to the happy memories of their time with you. We would like to be part of that. We’ve been doing this so long now, that children that have spent time under our nursery canopies will now have children of their own.

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Educational Funding

123v plc can now offer A Flexible Programme tailored for schools with Funding4education, With just a 20% deposit you can spread your payments over a monthly, quarterly or annual programme.

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