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Commercial Verandas

Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or public house, quality glass verandas open up a whole new world of commercial opportunities to proprietors of business. Adding a veranda creates a whole new environment for your customers to enjoy.

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Invest in Commercial Verandas for your Hotel, Pub or Restaurant

Our Commercial Verandas are perfect for creating an extra outside seating area for your restaurant or pub, not just for the practicality of adding an extra seating area but also to create a luxurious outdoor space for your clientele. Our quality verandas are robust enough to handle various types of lighting and heating installations.

How Your Facility Can Benefit from Having a Veranda

Outdoor spaces are great place for your customers to enjoy the pleasant weather in summer and spring time, and will protect them from the harsher UK weather in autumn and winter.

Our Commercial Canopies are able to provide shade extremely well but if you desire a more distinctive outdoor area with the addition of extra groundwork, our verandas will be the better choice, as they will allow you to create an entire bespoke outdoor space to provide shelter all year round.

Our Commercial Verandas are made from the highest quality glass and steel, ensuring the durability to handle even the harshest winds and rain.

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Commercial Funding

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