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Outdoor Dining Shelters

We all love to eat outside so lets do it for your school with a covered dining canopy that shelters the area below.

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Contact us, let’s find the Covered Dining Shelter best suited for your meal time requirements.

Shelters for Covered Dining areas

You need more dining space.  A dining shelter may well fix that for you.  Our 123v school canopies will offer shelter to your dining area which will allow a new environment, for your schools lunch breaks.

Extending Dining Areas

The school has more students than ever before, when the lunch time bell rings (do schools still have them?) the pressure is on to get them all fed. Hungry pupils are not happy pupils. But many these days bring their own pack lunches so a school canopy providing an outdoor space to eat under would be very useful.  Some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the dining hall would suit many and make for a better environment for a break from education. I think you may well find some of the staff under there as well. This gives flexibility in the layout of your school in relation to areas where food is dispensed, whether from vending machines or a tuck shop counter. As your school canopy is providing outdoor shelter, vending machines can be relocated alongside the seated dining area and protected from rain, frost and uv sunlight.

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We have a large range of products which are ideally suited in creating a covered dining shelter. Our range of school canopies for dining can be fitted to many types of buildings or be fully free standing. Contact us so we can see the best way of making those lunchtimes a little more relaxing.

See some of our Technical Information, Let us know if you have any other requirements.

Educational Funding

123v plc can now offer A Flexible Programme tailored for schools with Funding4education, With just a 20% deposit you can spread your payments over a monthly, quarterly or annual programme.

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