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Lean to Carports

Lean-to carport : these carports are connected to your house or bungalow, providing shelter and shading for your cars.

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Lean-to Carports

As the name suggests, a lean-to carport is an attached car canopy, most commonly fixed to the side of a house or bungalow. One half is fixed to the existing structure and the other to the ground, requiring the correct foundations.

Carports Built to Last

When buying a lean-to carport, the structure’s ability to withstand the loads from wind and/or snow must be taken into consideration. Half the load is on the house and the other half on the ground. The snow load pushes the carport into the ground while the wind load pushes up against the roofing. 123v lean to carports are designed to withstand powerful force, ensuring safety and the product’s longevity. Low specification and bad fitting will cause countless problems and safety hazards. All of our products will be specifically designed for your location, a one design fits all approach will not do. A safe quality product for your property.

Next steps for your lean-to project

If you want to know more about our lean-to canopy carports, get in touch and we can assist you with any questions or optional extras you require for your Carport Veranda.

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123v plc can now offer payment plans to our customers in the domestic, commercial and education sectors. That means with just a 20% deposit, you can enjoy the equipment you need for your home, school, or business right away and pay over a choice of fixed periods that suits your budget.

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