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The Four Seasons of 123v Carports – Part 2

Part 2. Summer and Autumn,

It’s been a while since our blog about carports in winter and spring, in fact summer and autumn slipped by and with blue skies and some of the plants coming to life its feels as if the winter is over.

So, I think I am going the jump forward to getting ready for summer. Those of you that have a soft top car will have been thankful for the protection from the ice, snow and rain, now off cause looking forward getting the roof down for the first time this year. Canopies and carports make for a great area to valet your car. One of the main benefits of your canopy is the protection from UV light that the roof provides for anything underneath it. This is very important for cars, motor bikes, caravans, and motor homes. We have also fitted many for boats over the years.

canopy-carport-softtop convertible-uk

Many of our customers have commented that one of the best benefits of their carport is when it is being used to load and unload the car, sort of like a loading bay for people, shopping and anything else that goes in and out of the car.

OK that is the bit about canopies and carports. 6 years ago we planted an orchard at the back of our offices. A bit of a carbon offset for the company. I was looking for something to plant in the orchard to encourage pollination of the fruit trees. Strangely I have come up with parsnips; the plan is to leave a few in to flower which attracts the bees. The main crop will do nicely for Christmas dinner, it’s never too early to think about Christmas, is it?

123vPc-Carbon Offset- Orchard

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