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123v Verandas, Carports and Canopies: Enjoying the Aurora from Your Own Back Garden

The spectacle that unfolded in many gardens last week was nothing short of magical – the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights as we know them.  As we took our usual evening stroll, a swirl of colours began to paint the sky. A common sight in polar regions, but indeed a rare view from our garden retreat, this was felt by many across the UK and this is something that is rarely seen.


123v Aurora Veranda Carports

It was as if the sky had decided to break its usual monotone and play with a palette of vivacious hues. Dancing shades of blues, pinks, and greens, contrasting against the black canvas of the night sky felt like watching a celestial ballet. It was a silent symphony of lights, an opera where each colour played a spectacular role, an orchestra that performed without a conductor.


123v Veranda Aurora in Pinks and Greens

We retreated to our glass veranda, the ideal viewpoint for such a spectacle, the silhouettes of our garden plants and the trees enhancing the beauty of this phenomena.  If you don’t have this veranda outdoor living space then you should give 123v a call, and we can work together to design, manufacture and install yours for you.

From lively greens and pinks to soothing blues, the colours shifted, chasing one another across the sky, forming an ethereal bridge connecting heaven and earth. The trees appeared to be in silent awe, their shadows witnesses to this picturesque display.

123v Veranda with Flowers and Gardens


From our vantage point, the veranda by 123v, the whole sky became a translucent canvas that stretched as far as the eye could see. An extensive mural of colours and light. It was a spectacle that tugged at one’s emotions – one of wonder, awe, and insignificance in the grand scheme of the cosmos.123v Glass Veranda


The Aurora’s dance gradually slowed down and the colours started to fade, merging back into the darkness, leaving a sense of tranquillity. What an extraordinary show it was, a reminder that, sometimes, you just need to look up and admire the beauty that the universe occasionally bestows upon us.


The memory of this spectacle will be forever etched in our minds, a treasure to seek comfort in on lonely nights. A mere mention of the Aurora will always beam me back to our patio veranda in our garden, the private theatre for that unforgettable cosmic ballet.



Seeing The Aurora Borealis from under our 123v Cantilevered veranda

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