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Bungalow Canopies

We have lots of ways to add a canopy to your bungalow, so don’t miss out. Let’s see what we can do at your bungalow, you may be surprised.

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Contact us, let’s find the Bungalow Canopy best suited for your homes situation.

What are Bungalow Canopies?

It doesn’t matter if you live in a single storey property, our canopies are suitable for bungalows, so don’t miss out.

Just because you have a bungalow it doesn’t mean you can’t have a covered area.

We can design, manufacture and install a large range of canopies to suit your particular needs. It may involve brackets being made or just a shallow pitch, we can go down to a 2 degrees pitch. Many roofing materials have to have a minimum of 5 degrees, which can  make a big difference with low wall heights. We have installed many canopies to bungalows over the last 25 years. They are used over patios, as carports or a walkway between two buildings, so we have lots of solutions to the problems that a bungalow can have.  See some of our Technical Information.

Variety in our Designs

Give us a ring for a chat, or maybe send in a picture of the space that you are thinking of covering, and we can come to you with some samples and design something together.

Finance Plans

123v plc can now offer payment plans to our customers in the domestic, commercial and education sectors. That means with just a 20% deposit, you can enjoy the equipment you need for your home, school, or business right away and pay over a choice of fixed periods that suits your budget.

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