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Solar Canopies

Adding solar power to canopies makes your project dual use, creating a covered area which produces electricity for the property, helping you do your bit for the planet.

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What are Solar Canopies?

123v Plc are proud to introduce the Solar Powered Canopy System.

A canopy that helps to protect the environment

25 years ago, when 123v was first established, it wasn’t on the agenda for our products to be solar powered, however around 10 years ago it became clear that this would be a requirement in the future. After extensive R & D and collaboration with the solar panel industry, in 2016 we fitted the first of our solar powered canopies. Since then, we have provided them as roof top garden canopies, carports and a large area to the side of a council lido swimming pool to name but a few. The glass solar panels let the light through as well as generating power for the premises. Our exclusive 123v glazing bars contain the cables within them. 123v have designed a glazing system to incorporate the associated wiring required for solar powered glass structures. This multifunctional architectural solar photovoltaic (BIPV) glazing offers transparent and opaque, thin-film solar PV glass, offering an alternative to conventional glazing, that delivers both the weather proofing and thermal control of glazing, combined with efficient onsite renewable energy generation. Panels are available from opaque to 50% transparent.

Modernising Your Outdoor Space

As a company, we would like to work with you to provide a dual-purpose home or business improvement. With energy costs seaming to be increasing constantly and growing concern for the environment, the time for solar powered canopies is here. At the time of writing the products were VAT Free. Check with us what the current VAT situation is.

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Finance Plans

123v plc can now offer payment plans to our customers in the domestic, commercial and education sectors. That means with just a 20% deposit, you can enjoy the equipment you need for your home, school, or business right away and pay over a choice of fixed periods that suits your budget.

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