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Patio & Garden Canopies

Come rain or shine Patio & Garden canopies open up a whole new way of living, a never-ending list of uses, from barbeques to hot tubs. Do you have a new use for us?

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Patio & Garden Canopies

A 123v patio canopy can be one of the most effective additions to your home and garden.

Transform your Patio & Garden area

A patio canopy can transform your garden space.  It can create a peaceful outside space or you can simply enjoy an outside shelter over your French doors. Choose a garden canopy to make your living area feel larger, more spacious and more open. This new living space connects the inside to the outside, a year-round space that has countless benefits and usage. 123v is a leading specialist in patio canopies. We have designed, manufactured and installed high quality patio & garden canopies across the UK and our elegant and stylish canopies are designed to suit your property. Every patio veranda installation is a cost effective, weatherproof shelter and its versatility can be enjoyed as either practical outdoor cover or as a relaxing retreat. Summer barbecues can be readily rescued from rain showers when a patio canopy is available for guests to take shelter. Evening parties can easily extend outside when a covered garden space is available on a cool night as heating can be added – spilt drinks and dropped food don’t cause the same problems on a patio as on the dining room carpet!

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Fully Weather Proof

Send us a picture of your patio area or if you prefer, we can come to you and give you a free quote. We been doing this since 1997 so we have lots of experience to share with you.

Finance Plans

123v plc can now offer payment plans to our customers in the domestic, commercial and education sectors. That means with just a 20% deposit, you can enjoy the equipment you need for your home, school, or business right away and pay over a choice of fixed periods that suits your budget.

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