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Commercial Carports

Lots of cars require commercial carports, let’s make a structure that’s built to last, don’t want to be painting, or scraping the ice, a 123v carport will solve it just nice.

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Carports for commercial use

123v are happy to partner with major contractors, architects and designers on larger carport projects.

Commercial Covered Parking

We install commercial carports whether the location is a new supermarket under construction, a busy lorry yard where a new loading bay canopy is required or even a heliport so that cars can be loaded and unloaded under cover. On many projects, wide spans are required to reduce the number of posts required. We have developed a 300mm deep structural grade 6082T6 aluminium section that can span 14.6M to accomplish this. We can also provide a cantilever structure on columns; these do however require far greater foundations to insure stability. We are able to produce in house AutoCad drawings and the required structural calculations. As with all our installations, the site location is taken into account for the project design. As an added extra we are able to offer solar power to be added to the project.

Carports in all colours

One of the items that is mostly down to the client, is the colour of the framework. This may be to tie in with the corporate colour scheme. To fulfil this need, we offer our range of commercial carports in the complete range of RAL colours.

See some of our Technical Information, Let us know if you have any other requirements.

Commercial Funding

123v PLC is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purposes of brokering credit agreements for regulated businesses.FRN 798999. Note, any leasing prices quoted are subject to credit checks and terms and conditions.Tax advantages are available for leasing options, and finance is provided by Kennet Equipment Leasing Limited, a finance broker and funder authorised by the FCA. FRN 676024

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