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The Four Seasons of 123v Carports

Part 1. Winter and Spring, So, for Carports in the UK, it appears that winter is finally coming to an end, with the warmth of the spring sun making an appearance on a progressively regular basis. It made me think of how the uses of canopies and carports change over the four seasons of the year.

This winter we saw significant snow fall in areas of the UK, that would in general only see it on the news. So, whether you live in the south west of England or inside the M25 you probably had snow in the garden this year. Most of our potential customers for carports, will not be telling us that it never snows at our house anymore.

Carports in the UK during Winter and Spring

It’s only that one fall of snow, or that one gust of wind where the difference between a professionally designed canopy carport can make the difference between collapse or not. Sadly we have been very busy over the last few weeks removing and replacing failed carports and canopies which were in the main made from standard sections which were not up to the job. We are pleased to report that many of our customers contacted us to say how glad they were to have our products this winter. Comments varied from “no defrosting of the car in the mornings” to, “it’s been a great place to store logs for the fire”.

By the way, that should be the end of the roads being salted, so get the underside of the car washed off to remove any salt left. Might as well give the body work a coat of wax polish and a hoover inside at the same time. Beginning to think hiding in the house in front of a log fire was not so bad.

I look forward to doing part 2 later in the year, in the meantime it looks like I have a few Saturday jobs to do.

Robin A Marlin,
Joint founder 123v Plc.

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