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Decorating your garden canopy for the winter

  • Published on 20/11/2022
  • Written by 123v

As the winter draws in, the sun starts to set earlier. This means that it will inevitably be darker outside. Nobody wants to sit in the dark. To combat this and still enjoy the full use of your garden canopy, we’d suggest getting some form of lighting.

Fairy lights work well here, as they can be hung easily, provide some easy ambience and don’t require much assembly. Hanging some larger decorative lights are a simple way to turn your canopy into a stand-out feature of the garden.

If you’re serious about getting lighting for your garden canopy, try some LED lights either on the canopy itself or along the bottom of the wall, pointing upwards.

If you haven’t got an outdoor plug, solar or battery powered lights can be a good alternative.


built in canopy heater

Don’t let those cold winter nights keep you from enjoying your garden canopy. Investing in heating can keep you using your garden canopy for longer, and make a nice outdoor area into an amazing outdoor area, as well as ensure that nobody catches frostbite during a relaxed winter evening outdoors.

You can get an external company to fit heaters to your garden canopy, but these can be expensive and time-consuming, and often the fitters may damage your garden canopy.

Instead, why not talk to us? We’re happy to make alterations to the canopy we installed for you. We can fit waterproof infrared heaters to the inside of the canopy, in order to keep you warm this winter.

Fire Pits

fire pit

But if you want to combine heating and lighting, you need a fire pit. The perfect balance of heat for everyone, as well as a good light source.

Fire pits are the quintessential winter accessory, perfect for bonfires, late night winter drinks, and roasting marshmallows. A good fire pit can help an outdoor space really come alive, as well as give you something to center your outdoor furniture around.


If you’re looking to provide some ambience for your outdoor spaces, music is the answer. Outdoor speakers can successfully be fitted to pretty much any canopy, giving you the option to fill the air with Christmas carols, soothing music or whatever takes your fancy.

If you’re looking for some outdoor speakers, feel free to give us a call. We’re experts at fitting speakers to your existing canopy, and you can decide on a range of waterproof speakers.

Embrace the holiday spirit

snowflake decorations

Want to add some instant magic to your canopy? Christmas decorations will get you in the festive spirit. Remember, when it comes to Christmas decorations that more is always more. Go mad with baubles, Christmas trees and even a 6-foot inflatable Santa – just make sure you use sturdy decorations that are nailed down, or easy to move novelties that can be moved if the weather is particularly bad.

Enjoy the outdoors more!

These simple steps mean that you will be able to enjoy your canopy all year round, instead of purely in the summer. While winter alfresco meals might be slightly more challenging, they’re no less delicious than the summer variety.

Remember that if you need help with any aspect of your canopy, be that an alteration or otherwise, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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