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Seasonal benefits of a school canopy

  • Published on 14/04/2022
  • Written by 123v

A canopy offers many great educational benefits for schools, as well as creating a safe space for outdoor learning all year-round. A school canopy really can be used during every season, whether it is a beautiful crisp spring morning or a rainy and gloomy British afternoon. There are many great and easy ways to take full advantage of the sheltered space they create during school hours.

Here are just a few ways to take advantage of a school canopy no matter the weather conditions. However, if you are unsure on exactly how beneficial a canopy can be, check out some of the best benefits of a school canopy.



A crisp spring day is like no other, the days get a little longer and warmer, and the sun begins to shine throughout the day. So why teach in a classroom when you can move the lesson outdoors! Outdoor learning stimulates creativity as the pupils are closer to nature. Parts of nature such as rocks, butterflies and flowers will inspire children’s imaginations and help to promote more active and focused learning.

Canopies are also great for science lessons! They create a natural environment for a micro-ecosystem to thrive, perfect for a science project. Producing outdoor practical science lessons lets the pupils get their hands dirty and learn from experience, rather than textbooks, ensuring the lesson will be memorable. The pupils may also feel a sense of responsibility for the micro-ecosystem as they develop an understanding and respect for nature, helping to boost their personal development and independent learning.

Spring is also the perfect time to enjoy lunch outside, especially if most day-to-day lessons are being held in a classroom. While the weather is pleasant your pupils can enjoy a relaxing lunchtime under the school canopy. No matter whether it is scorching hot or raining and windy, a canopy creates a safe and secure space for the children to enjoy their lunches outdoors. The pupils will feel refreshed, energised and ready to learn in the clean air and contrasting environment.



According to skin cancer experts, children must be taught about sun safety in lessons because four out of 10 children have suffered sunburn at school. A school canopy is a secure and practical solution to these dangers, children are not exposed to these risks while they play outside. Parents and teachers minds will be at ease knowing that their children can safely enjoy summer lunchtimes outside.

During the warmer months, classrooms can also become stuffy preventing concentration and productive learning. A canopy creates shading for classrooms, forming a more comfortable learning environment for teachers and pupils. Creating a shaded classroom also reduces the need for air conditioning, helping to save energy and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.



The beautiful colours and seasonal changes of autumn are a great opportunity to bring art lessons alive. With a school canopy, pupils can express themselves through their experiences of the natural environment around them. What a better way to conduct an art class than outside where the pupils are surrounded by inspiration! Autumnal leaves can create amazing tools for different activities, and better yet no art class mess is left to clean up in the classroom.

The cool autumn air can also improve immune systems and increase physical activity, helping the children to become healthier and more active learners. Outdoor learning can increase brain development in younger children as they are more likely to learn through physical experiences. But autumn is not just for art lessons, letting children experience the changes in seasons first hand can promote productive learning in subjects such as science and geography.



School canopies primarily create a safe and secure space for children, teachers, staff and parents. The safety a school canopy brings can be the most crucial during winter when the days are dark and the months feel long. The weather, especially in the UK, is often temperamental so ensuring pathways and walkways to different buildings are safe is of high importance.

Recent compensation claims show shocking numbers, with up to £17,000 being spent settling claims in Birmingham alone from children specifically falling on snow and ice at school. This statistic is as terrifying as ever, both for the school and the parent. Installing a canopy to cover walkways can prevent slips and falls by keeping surfaces clear and dry, protecting the children from dangerous weather, while also giving pupils some fresh air between lessons.

It’s not all about the kids, though! Treat any waiting parents or staff with a school canopy, so when the weather turns they have a safe and dry area to wait for the pupils to finish at school. Children will also have a safe place within the school grounds to wait for any buses or taxis home.


If you would like to find out more information about school shelters and canopies, please get in touch with one of our experts, or call us on 0800 783 3835.

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