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The benefits of a school canopy

  • Published on 16/12/2016
  • Written by 123v


There are many benefits for investing in canopies and shelters for schools. The strong and safe structure adds value and opportunities within a learning environment, making them widely supported by teaching professionals. Here are the top 6 advantages to installing a school canopy.

#1 Transforms exposed spaces

Shelters and canopies transform exposed outdoor spaces into practical and pleasant areas. Adding value to a space and the learning environment, but also creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for the students, staff and parents.

Research has shown that increased physical activity among students can improve their social and intellectual development. Canopies enable schools to conduct P.E lessons outside even in poor weather, so canopies actually encourage an improved and flexible learning experience for the students (Plus parents will be happy with a sheltered space to wait for the kids to finish!)

#2 Protection from harmful UV rays

child laughing in the sun

Canopies are a great way to use an outdoor space more effectively, whatever the weather. Canopies protect children from windy and wet days, but also ensure all year round safety with UV protection.

123v school canopies use GRP sheeting which is 85% translucent and contains a UV filter to protect sensitive skin. Meaning children can spend more time outside with natural daylight, either learning or playing, no matter what season it is.

#3 Outdoor learning opportunities

Holding classes outside has huge benefits for learning experiences. Canopies make it possible for lessons to be taught through different approaches and not just in the classroom. Encouraging interest from the students and increasing opportunities for social interaction with refreshing ways of learning.

#4 Additional places for fun

child having fun blowing bubbles

During busy periods, canopies and shelters are a great asset to an establishment. Children can eat their lunch outside and enjoy their freedom during break times, rather than being kept in the classroom throughout the day. Canopies are custom-built and planned to suit the unique surroundings with the option to add RAL colour, creating an attractive space where children can work, play or eat.

#5 Increased storage space

School canopies provide flexibility in the layout of classrooms since they can also act a storage space for equipment. Equipment is kept safe from weather damage and space is opened up for the students or the staff to enjoy.

#6 Bicycle covers

Bikes and scooters are stored securely from theft, and protected from the weather with bicycle shelters.

Promoting a healthier lifestyle and increased physical activity among the children and the staff. Bicycle shelters also provide parents with the trust and confidence to support their children cycling to school knowing that their bicycles are stored in a secure place.

If you would like to find out more information about school shelters and canopies, please get in touch with one of our experts, or call us on 0800 783 3835.

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