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Do we need planning permission for a school canopy?

If the canopy fits certain criteria, it does not need planning permission. The Facts All school canopies are categorised as buildings under the Town and Country Planning Acts and require an application before installation, so it is crucial to check if planning permission is needed. Planning permission can take up to 8 weeks to clear, which needs to be considered within your project timeline. Building regulations may also apply. 123v Plc is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory criteria. Our Regional Surveyors can advise on planning permission requirements and offer assistance for any applications. What you need to know In the UK, development rights differ depending on council, area, size and location. Some school canopies fall under the General Permitted Development Orders (GPDOs). GPDOs are exemptions to the planning permission requirements. Part 32 and Park 12 of the GPDOs are relevant for schools and colleges. Part 32: in general, if the school canopy is less than 25% of the cumulative total floor space of the existing building, the erected structure is not taller than 5 metres, and the structure is more than 5 metres from a boundary, planning permission will not be required. Part 12: This category states permitted development can apply if the structure is more than 1 metre from a boundary, the structure is less than 4 metres high, and the total volume does not exceed 200 cubic metres. However, if a building is listed, or the canopy is close to a residential area, or the school is situated within a conservation area, planning permission will almost definitely be needed as Part 32 is very unlikely to apply. If any of these factors apply to your school, seek advice from the planning board before getting any quotes. If a canopy is to be more than 30 square metres in area, or less than one metre from the site boundary, an application must be submitted to the Building Control Officer to ensure that fire regulations are satisfied. However, each authority has different guidelines so it is advisable to seek information from your local council. When planning permission is required we can prepare all the paperwork and make the application for you. It’s all part of the service.   Help? Get in touch with a friendly 123v team member who can talk you through the full process and take you one step closer to installing your school canopy. Call us on 0800 783 3835 or use our online contact form to find out more about planning permission, or about our canopy services. For more information on how a canopy can hugely benefit a school, please click here.