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School Canopies Fitted in the UK

Having school canopies installed at your school or nursery is an ideal way to let the children have more outside time. Come rain or shine, outdoor play becomes much easier if you have a covered area to protect from the unpredictable UK weather. There is also the problem of transfering from one class to another when the rain is relentless as it often is, but with a covered walkway canopy for instance, then this problem is solved. Even for outdoor eating, having a covered dining area means that the children can get outside during lunch breaks and enjoy some fresh air while they fuel up for the rest of the days education. The options are really endless and whatever the requirement is for your school, 123v plc will come up with a solution to suit your needs. With winter drawing to a close, and the daffodils sprouting the ground, we know that spring is just around the corner, so lets get those kids out in the sunshine but still have them protected with 123v school canopies. Our GRP sheeting has a built in UV filter which means even on those sunnier days, outside play is still the best option.

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