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123v Company Background

  • Published on 10/08/2022
  • Written by 123v

Add a finishing touch to your home with a stylish and robust 123v carport or canopy. At 123v we design and install home and school canopies that can handle all weather conditions.

Enjoy your outdoor space with the help of our custom-built carport, canopy and veranda designs.

Since our conception in the 1990’s, we have become the UK leader in the design, manufacture and installation of open-sided structures. Our main aim is to install bespoke canopy designs that cater to the specific needs of every individual customer.

At 123v we provide canopies for the home, schools, nurseries, commercial premises, factories, hotels and pretty much anywhere else that requires sturdy outside shelters. We have a team of qualified surveyors covering the entire UK mainland to ensure that we understand your exact requirements. We also operate a fleet of extra-long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter vans throughout the UK which transport all necessary tools and materials for a canopy installation.

Our staff are fully trained and are qualified to work in construction areas. 123v construction team members are CRB checked for the installation of school shelters. We adhere to regulated health and safety measures which ensure the safety of our customers, employees and the general public during a carport and canopy installation process.

The company is registered with CHAS and also has ISO9001, ISO18001, ISO14001 and other relevant certification demonstrating our commitment to quality. A free, no obligation site survey guarantees that every job we undertake is tailored to individual customer requirements. With an in-house canopy design and engineering team, 123v accommodates the design and manufacture of components customised to each project’s requirements. Use the Contact Us button to get in touch and arrange your survey today.

History of 123v Plc

  • The company (GRP Canopies Ltd) was formed in September 1997, although the founding members of the staff already had many years of experience in carports, canopies and other open-sided structures.
  • From the outset our philosophy was one of quality and service; we take pride in all our canopy constructions.
  • In March 1998 we became accredited to ISO 9001, for the design and manufacture of open-sided structures and outdoor shelters like canopies, carports, school shelters and glass verandas. We have held this accreditation every year since.
  • The domain name was created in June 2003 for our website in order to develop memorable and unique industry branding.
  • In October 2010, 123v became a European registered trademark at the patent office. The company increased the use of the trademark in marketing to offer clear identity of the superior quality of 123v branded components.
  • In November 2010 the company became a PLC (GRP Canopies PLC).
  • March 2011, after 5 years of R & D, saw the first of our ornate design glass veranda installations. Protected by patents and design registrations, this product is unique in the bespoke canopy and veranda market place.
  • Over the years we have become known by many as 123v, due to our website address and national marketing. The quality of our custom canopy installations has elevated 123v to become a UK leader in the home and school canopy market.
  • Analysis had shown our name being used widely across websites. To counter this, in March 2013, the company name became 123v Plc. The company number has never changed and remains the same legal entity as it was in 1997.
  • With a bright future ahead, the grounding principles of the company have remained the same: sound engineering, common decency and value for money.
  • With our top quality carport and canopy products and committed staff we will be serving the public for many years to come.


To find out more about our carport and canopy services, or to book an appointment, use our Contact Form or call us on 0800 783 3835. Our Regional Surveyors operate throughout the UK and will visit your property to provide you with an exact no obligation quote for the canopy installation.

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