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Playground Shelters

A 123v playground shelter can be planned in a variety of designs, covering large open areas without obstructions using our specially designed aluminium beams. Our school canopy constructions allow school children out in inclement weather, maximising playground areas and extending outside classrooms.


We can supply playground shelters in any RAL colour. Our bespoke structures are both stylish and practical, and are adapted and designed to suit specific requirements. Robust playground shelters enable children to learn and play under cover, protected from UV rays, heavy rain and snowfall. Canopies for schools are safe environments for young students to move freely, facilitated by secure outdoor shelters.


Playground Shelter at School

Playground Shelter at School


A large number of playground shelters are standalone or ‘freestanding’ structures. As these require holes to be dug, often through existing tarmac covered playgrounds, construction can be a disruption to normal school activities. Solid foundations are required to ensure that the school shelter can withstand high winds; these require careful preparation, making the playground area unusable during the fitting process.


For this reason we coordinate with school staff and can arrange for work to be carried out over a weekend or scheduled for school breaks, when the canopy installation requires the additional time. As a leading school canopy supplier-installer we understand the importance of minimal interruption and can accommodate tailored canopy plans across schools, nurseries and other educational facilities. As our customers have come to expect, on the completion of work, our fitting teams thoroughly clean and tidy the area, making it available for immediate use.


123v Plc work closely with planners and local authorities and can assist with all required planning applications, ensuring compliance with local building regulations. We have already proven our ability to design and provide sturdy canopy structures for thousands of schools, nurseries and colleges throughout the UK. All our Regional Surveyors have considerable experience in the supply of canopies to schools, providing our customers expertise in the formative stages of school canopy designs and plans.


Contact us via our Freephone number 0800 783 3835 or complete our Online Form and we’ll get in touch. Our Regional Surveyors will provide you with an exact quote after checking the playground shelter installation location and discussing your requirements.


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Browse the 123v Plc school canopy brochure to discover our complete product range, from playground shelter designs to outside classroom structure installations.


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