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Product Guarantee for Carports and Canopies from 123v

  • Published on 12/09/2022
  • Written by 123v

A professional, well-established and reputable PLC, our 123v trademark represents our promise of a no-nonsense, full 10 year guarantee on all carport, canopy and veranda installations.

10 years warranty carports

We hope our 10 year guarantee policy demonstrates our confidence in the excellence of our canopy constructions. Whether you are looking to invest in a garage carport, a luxurious glass patio veranda, or even a school shelter to enhance educational facilities, our quibble-free product guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

Over recent years, bad winter weather has resulted in a few well-publicised cases of structural failures of canopies in retail parks and other sites across the UK. We regularly provide assistance in such instances. 123v is recognised by insurers as an authority in the construction and installation of custom commercial canopies.

The quality of workmanship involved in the manufacture and installation of all canopies, carports and glass verandas supplied by 123v Plc is guaranteed for a period of 10 years, as is the quality of all the materials used. We cannot be held responsible or accountable for any latent defect in the wall to which the material supplied by the company is attached. Our guarantee is always issued on, and commences from, the date of installation.

Why is this important?

possible snow avalanche over the roof

Accumulated snow from the roof of a structure can ‘avalanche’ slide en masse onto the canopy or carport below. This kind of shock loading can cause problems for even the most well designed and expertly installed canopy.

Sites that are prone to avalanche can be protected by the addition of snow guards on the roof.

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to loads imposed on canopies and carports and, as a response to levels of snowfall far exceeding those predicted by the UK’s Snow Map, 123v have taken the step of adding extra support struts to many of our designs, to cope with the additional loads of accumulated snow.

Snow Guards For Roofs

Our ability to design carport and canopy products which can adapt to the turbulent British weather is just one of the many reasons why all our staff here are proud of our commitment to our trademark and the superb quality craftsmanship it represents. From initial product design through to on-site installation, 123v team members work with a keen attention to detail.

Given the numerous design considerations, the fact that a quality installation is no simple task, and that these structures can impose considerable loading on the walls to which they are attached, we do not normally supply any options for DIY fitting. Only our fully trained and CRB checked staff fit our canopies, with every installation backed by our 10 year guarantee.

Do not hesitate to call us about your canopy if you feel you need to, whether it’s in the first year of your guarantee or the last. You will find a courteous and prompt service, in keeping with our company philosophy of always ensuring that our customers are satisfied with both our products and our service. We are proud when 123v canopy owners recommend us to new customers, and attribute the longevity of our structures to our fully engineered and weather tested designs. To find out more about our product warranty, please get in touch on 0800 783 3835.

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