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Commercial Covered Parkings

123v cantilever carports are open-sided structures that provide sturdy weather protection. As car shelters which are ideal for larger vehicles, our cantilever carport installations do not require permanent posts or further ground work. Every carport canopy from 123v serves both aesthetic and practical functions – a cantilever carport is a bespoke addition to your property and all our custom canopy constructions are long-lasting, as reflected in our 10 year guarantee.


Commercial Covered Parking

White Commercial Covered Parking


Our cantilever carport beams are hand laminated in Glass Reinforced Polyester, a modern version of fibreglass. The GRP construction has an aluminium spine the length of the beam which adds considerable strength to the structure. This aluminium spine in our carport beams also prevents ‘tearing’ when subjected to additional strain from wind or snow. It also greatly assists the grip on the roof sheeting fixings, preventing lifting from high wind speeds.


Our cantilever carport beams are normally fixed to the supporting wall with mechanical (20mm diameter) or chemical anchors manufactured by Hilti Great Britain and Rawbolt. The choice is dependent on the base material from which the wall is made. If there is any doubt over the supporting wall’s suitability we have the facility, in-house, to carry out onsite pull-out load testing.


To fit a cantilever carport to a bungalow requires brackets to spread the load over the supporting wall but, done correctly, this is as safe and secure as on any other structure. Cantilever carports have the advantage of not creating obstacles on a driveway or pathway, however the projection is limited to 3629mm (11’9”).


The GRP sheeting on our cantilever carports is the same we use on all covered parking installations, 85% translucent with a class-3 fire rating. Although our guarantee extends for 10 years the expected service life of the sheeting we use is 30 years and is manufactured to our exclusive profile. We cut no corners in either the manufacture of covered parking structures or the quality of materials we use for every carport installation. Our fascia is structural grade alloy, powder coated to personal choice of colour. Costs could be reduced by replacing this with plastic, however it could blemish an otherwise highly specified product. Our bungalow wall brackets are finished to marine specification and therefore require no maintenance. 123v car canopies are available in a variety of designs and sizes, please take a look at our carport design galleries to view an extended range. Our designs are aesthetically appealing, supporting a full range of colours.


123v specialise in covered parking structures which are manufactured from quality materials and offer protection from the sun, wind, snow and rain. As open-sided installations, cantilever carports provide greater ventilation and space. A robust cantilever carport, attached securely to your property, can eliminate the capture of rainwater and shield against UV rays.


This series of images shows the complete installation process for fitting one of our cantilever carports. These pictures were kindly passed on by a customer after a cantilever carport installation had been completed.


For a straightforward cantilever carport installation, a period of 4-6 hours would be required by our team of skilled fitters. On completion, every cantilever carport is covered by a full 10 year guarantee.


For more information you can give us a call on the Freephone number 0800 783 3835 or Contact Us to request a call back. Alternatively, get in touch to receive a carport brochure through the post or call 0808 163 4009 to arrange a no obligation site survey. Our Regional Surveyors operate throughout the UK and will visit your house, measure everything up, check where the carport is intended to go and provide you with an exact no obligation quote.


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Browse the 123v Plc carport brochure to discover our complete product range, from cantilevered carport designs to traditional canopy styles.


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