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Outdoor Canopies for Commercial Properties

Transform your external business area into an attractive, weather-protective entrance way or covered walkway with a 123v outside canopy. Our custom-designed commercial canopies and shelters will enable you to make the most of your outdoor spaces. We make use of cutting edge technology and refined design patterns to convert your area into a sheltered sanctuary, even in the worst weather conditions. From practical designs to bespoke installations, our commercial outdoor canopies will provide all-weather protection throughout the year.


Here at 123v Plc you can select from a wide range of sturdy canopy shelters according to your individual requirements. Whether you need commercial canopies or robust smoking shelters for staff, we can provide you with results that not only look great, but also provide efficient weather protection. Over the years, we have learned how to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal; our tailored outdoor canopy plans for your commercial facility serves as an eye-catching focal point at a business entrance as well as offering clients and customers covered walkways and sheltered space.


Large Weather Protection Commercial Canopy

Large Weather Protection Commercial Canopy


The simplest things can make a big difference in the workplace. Providing a commercial canopy to offer employees weather protection whilst carrying out their normal duties can inspire a huge uplift in morale. When items or packages need to be transported from an office to vehicle, the addition of an outside canopy can ensure that goods (and staff!) are protected.


Weather protection is just one of the reasons businesses approach us seeking practical commercial canopies. Such canopies differ from home installations markedly and are often larger, higher and require installation in a busy commercial area with the minimum of disruption. All the 123v fitting teams are fully trained to work in hazardous areas and are familiar with permit to work systems. 123v experts have a commitment to carry out all work expediently and safely.


As with all our installations, the first thing we do is send one of our Regional Surveyors to your premises to assess specific requirements and assist with proposals to reach a suitable product solution. Our team schedules work to coordinate with your existing daily activities – this is all part of the service. Our design and engineering team can provide all the necessary paperwork, drawings and planning applications, if required. Providing a complete one stop service is what has made us the choice of professionals around the UK.


To discuss your commercial outdoor canopy requirements, you can contact us using our Freephone number 0800 783 3835. You can also fill out our Contact Us form to request an appointment with one of our Regional Surveyors for a no-obligation site survey.


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Browse the 123v Plc canopy brochure to discover our complete product range, from domestic canopy designs to commercial canopy styles.


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