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Aluminium Canopies

Aluminium canopies have been around for many years. 123v supply and fit a range of aluminium canopy designs. Our canopies for sale include freestanding and lean to carports. Different design structures may look similar, yet they are vastly different in both quality and strength. Aluminium is sold as a world commodity per ton, so building a canopy, carport or veranda using the incorrect strength of aluminium sections can lead to problems. All our special sections have been designed in house, many of which are registered at the patent office, 123v plc owns the tooling for their extrusion. This means that each section is to our specification, which controls the quality and allows us to use high strength, attractive sections for our products. This is not possible with standard shapes.


Aluminium Alloy Grades

There are many different grades of aluminium alloy available. The grades have different properties, due to their chemical make up and temper level. The strength, formability, weldability and finishings that can be used vary from grade to grade. The understanding of this is important so that the right aluminium is chosen. 123v plc primarily uses 6082T6 (BS1474) structural grade for its aluminium metal canopies and 6063T6 architectural grade on a couple of other applications.


Commercial Aluminium Canopies

Commercial Aluminium Canopy


Aluminium Fabrication

123v plc has its own aluminium canopy, carport and veranda manufacture facilities. These include aluminium welding, bending and milling capabilities. We have recently added a 17m CAD CAM production unit for the manufacture of our aluminium glass canopies and verandas. The complete process is carried out under our ISO9001:2008 quality control system which we have held every year since 1998. We do not make aluminium canopy kits; our products are bespoke to suit each site.


Aluminium Protective Coating

The protective finish for 123v plc aluminium canopies is normally powder coating to BS6496. It is very important for the correct pre-treatment to be used so as to ensure a high quality, long-lasting finish. The alloy is heated and the powder is sprayed and attracted electrostatically on to the metal. The powder melts on to the aluminium, forming a hard-wearing, durable finish. If this is chipped, the damage will not spread like on an ordinary paint finish. The powder is available in a full range of RAL colours in different finishes. We keep in stock white (RAL 9010), brown (R.A.L. 8016) and black as standard colours. Many of our school canopies and school playground shelters have bright colours to suit the facility. We also supply fitted glass verandas and aluminium patio canopies in a number of colours, including cream and green.


Aluminium Carport Design

When designing aluminium carports, especially freestanding carports, a number of factors have to be taken into account:

  • The site location, from which we calculate the wind and snow loadings.
  • The aesthetics of the carport, so as to complement the existing structures.
  • The assessment of the existing buildings and their suitability in attaching elements of the proposed carport to them.
  • Selection of the best aluminium carport parts for the project. Our 240mm deep alloy beams, for example, can span up to 10.1m whist still complying with building regulations.

The design procedure includes digital photographing of the site, CAD drawings for the carport as required for structural assessment, manufacture and installation. The design has to include all the links in the chain, any weakness will eventually show up. With our breadth of knowledge, expertise and wide product range, we are able to design safe and practical carports that complement your home and business.

Survey and Costs

We offer a survey and estimate service for clients all over the UK. Only by visiting the proposed site can we correctly assess a customer’s requirements and offer the correct advice. It enables us to exhibit our product range, including our aluminium carport samples, of which we are very proud.

123v aluminium carports come with a 10 year guarantee, though thousands of our installations are well over a decade old and are fitted in some of the most exposed areas of the UK.

If you are thinking about buying an aluminium canopy, we would like to be considered for your project. Contact our friendly staff for more information.


Browse the 123v Plc canopy brochure to discover our complete product range, from domestic canopy designs to commercial canopy styles.


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