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Covered Parking

Homeowners nationwide choose 123v to provide long-lasting shelter for vehicles, shielding cars from inclement weather conditions by attaching an elegant extension to UK homes. As the UK’s leading designer-installer of carports and car canopies, our expert teams are adept at crafting custom designs to suit a wide range of buildings.


The principal objective of our carport installations is to provide cost effective covered parking. Yet our customers also consider our car canopies as suitable storage shelters and practical cover beneath which social events can be held. Pack away garden furniture, barbecue grills and other household materials; our outdoor shelters are guaranteed to protect your belongings from the harsh UK weather.


Our installation teams are spread across the country and all are trained to produce open-ended structures to the highest specification, a measure of our commitment to high quality.


White covered carport in parking

White Carport Covering Cars in Commercial Parking


Since 1997 we have grown to become the UK’s largest manufacturer and installer of garage carports. Our designs come in three different styles: cantilever, traditional and freestanding. For more information on all of these fittings, please consult our 123v carports page.


Our flexibility extends beyond our assortment of styles. Browse our car canopy galleries and take a look at recent UK installations. We provide resilient carports for commercial premises as well as homes, underlining the functionality of all our carport designs.


Ordering your UK carport couldn’t be easier, simply call us on our Freephone number 0800 783 3835 or request an appointment by filling in our Contact Form.


Want to know more about our Covered Parking Carports? Follow us @123vPlc and use #carportsandcoveredparking


Browse the 123v Plc carport brochure to discover our complete product range, from cantilevered carport designs to traditional canopy styles.


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