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Traditional Car Shelters and Car ports

Practical and stylish, 123v traditional carports and other covered parking constructions are made to measure and are available in special colours on request. Traditional carports have the advantage over cantilevered structures in that they can span much wider distances. Using our traditional 240mm beam, a distance of 10.2m can be crossed without the need for intermediate support. A traditional carport fixes on a single side to the existing house or commercial building and is also supported by posts at the leading edge of the car canopy.


Traditional Carport and Carport Shelter

Traditional Carport and Carport Shelter


Two garages or driveways can easily be covered with the increased span, allowing for larger patios and longer driveways. Our aluminium traditional carport beams come in two sizes, the 240mm beam and smaller 97mm. Supporting posts require suitable canopy foundations as these must prevent the carport from being lifted when subjected to high winds. Our beams, posts and fixings are designed in-house and all car shelter plans are subjected to rigorous engineering to ensure they are fit for purpose and able to withstand any additional loading that might be imposed by heavy snow or high wind speeds.


We offer a no obligation site survey to allow our Regional Surveyor to check out the area where you are looking to have your carport installed, and to measure up the exact materials and work required to carry out your traditional carport installation. Only once we’ve got all the facts will we give you an exact quote. We do not normally supply materials for self-fitting or DIY as installation of a garage carport or car canopy is a professional job and mistakes can be costly. Poor installation can result in vehicle and property damage, or even potential injury. This is why 123v is a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of carport and canopy products; our bespoke designs and constructions ensure the safety of our customers.


Please contact us online or use our Freephone number 0800 783 3835. Arrange a no obligation survey or get in touch to receive a free 123v car canopy brochure. If you prefer, we can ring you back at a more convenient time. Whatever your enquiry, our friendly team is here to help.


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Browse the 123v Plc carport brochure to discover our complete product range, from cantilevered carport designs to traditional canopy styles.


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