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Lean to Carports

As the name suggests, a lean to carport is an attached car canopy, most commonly fixed to the side of a house or bungalow. One half is fixed to the property’s wall of the existing structure and the other to the ground. Quick to install and if the right materials are used, pretty much maintenance free, 123v carport canopies can add great value to any home.


Lean to Carport

Lean to Carport in Torquay

Wind and snow loads on a lean to carport

An important fact to consider when buying a lean to carport is the structure’s ability to withstand the loads from wind and/or snow. Half the load is on the house and the other half to the ground. The snow load pushes the carport into the ground while the wind load pushes up against the roofing. 123v lean to carports are designed to withstand powerful force, ensuring safety and the product’s longevity. Low specification and bad fitting will cause countless problems and safety hazards. All of our products will be designed for your location, we do not supply flat pack kits: a one design fits all approach will not do.


Which materials are used?

Aluminium lean to carports, in general, are the ones available, although we also supply wooden carports and a few steel structures. The roofing can be GRP polycarbonate or steel sheet. In the main, we use aluminium for the frame work and GRP for the roofing. Irrespective of the material used, the main item to consider is that the product is safe on your home, in high wind and beneath heavy snow fall. All 123v carports for sale are structurally tested to bear large loads over time.


Who does the fitting?

Once the materials have been chosen, the next stage on is the installation of the lean to carport. We use our own fitting teams; all 123v fitters are fully trained in house. The average time a team has been with us is over 11 years (as of 2014) and, as a company, 123v plc is very proud of our installation teams whom we believe to be the best canopy, veranda and carport fitters in the UK. Anyone that joins the installation department and does not come up to scratch will not last long! The teams are provided with extra-long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter vans, which are made and kitted out to our specification. Most now have a full range of extras including reversing aids, GPS mapping and heated seats. Spoilt maybe, deserved definitely! We look after the fitters and the fitters look after our customers.


Buying a lean to carport

To begin with, we will send you a carport brochure in the post, or, should you prefer, we can send out a copy via email. We then recommend that one of our expert surveyors visits the site, not only to evaluate the site, but also to make sure that the carport or car canopy that you are considering will provide the benefits that you require. Our costing surveyors have years of experience and, if in any doubt, will contact our technical department for advice.


Contact us to discuss your project and we can provide further details of all our carport products.


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