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Free Standing Carports

A freestanding carport, is fitted when your carport is detached from any existing structure and requires support on all sides.


Protect your car from the elements with a 123v freestanding carport. As an industry leading supplier-installer of carports and canopies, we help UK homeowners to select the right car canopy designs according to their specific requirements. In addition to carports, our in-house manufacturing team also constructs a range of other open-ended structures including verandas, school shelters, covered walkways and smoking shelters. All our installed canopy designs not only provide protection against rain, wind and snow, but can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Free Standing Carport Protecting a Mercedes SUV

Free Standing Carport Protecting a Mercedes SUV


A freestanding carport, sometimes referred to as standalone, is fitted when your carport is detached from any existing structure and requires support on all sides. With no fixing to any other building, the installation requires enhanced foundations in order to ensure the carport is stable and cannot be damaged by high winds or heavy snowfall. In particular, this gives considerable lateral restraint, preventing the carport from folding up when assaulted by directional wind.


We have considerable experience in the supply and installation of different freestanding carport designs. Our commercial division is regularly involved with installing much larger standalone and freestanding canopies, including three in the Bahamas, one of which is 503 square metres. These car canopies are regularly in the path of hurricanes and have been specified to cope with the resulting loads from 147mph winds. Although it is unlikely that you will need something quite so large for a domestic carport, you can be comfortable in the fact that the process is exactly the same no matter the size of the canopy. Support posts require suitable foundations – which are designed by our structural engineering department – depending on the size of the canopy and geographical location. Many clients are surprised by the required size of the foundations and appreciate that this is a factor that could possibly have been underestimated.


When high winds hit any canopy they will attempt to lift the whole structure out of the ground. The canopy’s only defence against this type of wind force is suitable foundations,


correctly specified to counteract the uplift force. That is why all 123v beams, posts and fixings are designed in-house and subjected to rigorous checks. We ensure that all carport and car canopy installations are fit for purpose and are able to withstand any additional loading.


At 123v Plc we also guarantee that all carport and canopy installations are completed safely. We achieve this by adhering to strict health and safety codes at every stage of the installation process. We conduct additional independent testing of the engineering concepts for all new canopy products to make sure that our constructions are fit for purpose and built to last. As well as this, our staff are fully trained and qualified to work in construction areas, and are also CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.


As with all our products, we offer a full 10 year guarantee on our freestanding carports. Our Regional Surveyor will thoroughly check the installation location and draw up plans for the canopy placement. Our design team will make all the necessary calculations to ensure your carport is securely fixed to terra firma and suitable for your requirements. We are confident that the product we supply will last well beyond the guarantee period – a professional job, built to last.


If you have any questions about our freestanding carports and covered parking shelters, then you can get in touch via the Freephone number 0800 783 3835. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us form on this site to ask a question, request a call back, ask for a canopy brochure in the post or arrange a no obligation site survey. On completion of the free survey, our Regional Surveyor will be able to give you an exact quote based on site conditions and exact measurements.


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