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123v Traditional Carport Disabled Access Glasgow Strathclyde

123v Traditional Carport in Front of Single Garage for Disabled Access Glasgow Strathclyde

123v Traditional Carport Disabled Access Glasgow Strathclyde


Project Name: Disabled Access Carports in Glasgow, Strathclyde in Central Scotland.


Project Brief: To provide a carport and canopy covered for the client to be able to get in and out of the car in the dry and also to be able to get to the garage from the house in all weathers, as this can be awkward in a wheelchair.  With the carports ability to not have posts on all sides this makes it much easier to do these everyday things with a wheelchair.


Product: Traditional Carport with brackets and a post


Property Description: Bungalow connecting to single story garage


Colour: White


Materials Used: Aluminium extrusions, Aluminium Crank brackets and posts, Translucent GRP sheeting.


Installation Time: 2 days


Extras: Guttering linking into existing system. Roof section cut to accommodate the existing vent from the house.

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