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Commercial Canopies and Covered Walkways

Our custom-designed canopies can be constructed to suit the display of both existing buildings as well as new builds.


123v blend functionality with style. Our covered walkways provide bespoke shelter to businesses across different sectors and they can be built to create direct links for people between buildings, easing movement from one destination to another. Commercial canopies are widely used as an outdoor shelter in air terminals and other business settings, facilitating the movement of people while boarding different flights. Our main aim at 123v is to help our customers achieve their preferred outdoor walkway or commercial canopy design to match surrounding structures.


Commercial Canopy and Covered Walkway

Commercial Canopy and Covered Walkway in DHL Warehouse


Covered walkways in commercial environments often require particular specifications or operating conditions. In the past, our canopy fitting teams have built a covered walkway off airport tarmac, leading into a reception area for helicopter arrivals.


We endeavour to schedule installation patterns around each customer’s timetable, and this is epitomised during our work on the airport arrival walkway canopy. Our team paused work every 15 minutes to retreat safely from the arrival area; just part of the particular conditions at the installation site.


123v Regional Surveyors carry out site surveys to ensure a comprehensive service throughout the installation procedure. More often than not, covered walkways are already active areas, so coordinating installation to allow normal operations – and ensure everyone’s safety – is all part of the service.


Walkway round the building Covered walkways come in various styles and designs (see also School Walkways) depending on individual preferences and the breadth of options supported by the installation location. Even if no other structure is nearby we can still provide a freestanding walkway that is fixed with secure foundations, allowing it to cope with high winds or close proximity helicopter wash. On one occasion, our design and engineering team calculated the load imposed by helicopters when positioned nearby the walkway. Just like every other commercial canopy installation carried out by us, nothing is left to chance.


To learn more about our commercial covered walkway designs or for a non-obligatory site survey, please call us on our Freephone number 0800 783 3835. You can also request an appointment or order a free brochure by filling out our Contact Us Form.


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Browse the 123v Plc canopy brochure to discover our complete product range, from domestic canopy designs to commercial canopy styles.


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