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Double Carports

With the ever increasing number of cars per household, the requirement of covered parking areas also increases. The solution is the double carport… or even a treble carport! These carport canopies can be fitted inline or side by side. The inline double carports are extended versions of single designs; traditional carports are covered on other pages on the 123v site and are constructed of the same hardwearing materials. Below are some of our double carport or ‘two car carport’ designs. By definition, a two car carport’s width has to be a lot wider than a single car carport.


Double Carport Wind and Snow Protection

Double Carport Providing Wind and Snow Protection


Public parking areas extend across 2400mm width per car parking space (3000mm if next to a wall). This double width completely changes the engineering behind the design of the structure. A wide span roof, when loaded with wind or snowfall, will generate a high bending moment. This is where 123v’s understanding of structural engineering plays a big role. Our double carport plans have to be designed to suit the loadings for your home or commercial site. In the UK, if the carport is over 30m sq. of surface area, building regulations will be required. Be aware that many double carports for sale will not pass building control and it is the customer who will then be left with the problem.


Single Slope Lean to Double Carport

At 123v we have a specially designed structural grade aluminium beam section, which is ideal for heavy duty double carport designs. The product is registered at the patent office and can span a width of 10.1m. This makes for the perfect heavy duty carport canopy. One side is attached to an existing building and the other to new or existing foundations. The roofing material is GRP (glass reinforced polyester) The profile has been designed by us for use on our canopies and carports. It is 3.0kg per square metre with a UV filter and the sheeting can be made up to 11m long – this is very useful for large canopies and carports to avoid joints. At the end of each carport we fit our extruded aluminium end trim gutter section. We provide this aluminium section in two sizes, which fit neatly inside each other. Therefore, on large projections, this twin section is a neat fix. You will be able to see this if we have the opportunity to show you our samples.


Dual Pitch Double Carport

Using our GRP moulds from our cantilever carport range, we can manufacture a full range of double carport gable roof designs. At 123v we have 38 different moulds, so we make the GRP beams to measure. Our manufacturers do not cut the end off a standard sized beam. The layup of the beams has to change to suit the different loadings applied to them. As with our cantilever range, inside the beams is a bespoke aluminium section which reinforces the beam and makes for a far superior roof sheet fixing. The maximum width span of this product is 8.1m. The canopy can be attached or freestanding and clients can choose the design from a full range of colours. This product is normally chosen due to the aesthetic requirements of the client.


Freestanding Double Carport

Double, or twin, carports are freestanding rather than attached to a building. The main difference is the lateral restraint requirements. The main beams – purling, fascia and roof sheeting – stay the same specification. However, the posts and foundations will have to be upgraded. Cross bracing may also need to be added. These lateral loadings, which are mainly caused by wind loading, will be calculated so as the structure is designed accordingly. When there is snow on top of two car carport the loads can be quite large. At 123v plc we ensure that this is not a problem.


Double Carport Prices and Estimates

As with all our products, we send our clients relevant literature and then offer a free estimate on site, which will include wind and snow calculations for your site address.


A double carport is a large structure and requires careful consideration. It may need planning permission and/or building regulations. We can advise you on this as well as come up with some designs and prices to suit your home. Get in touch with our experienced consultants, who are available to talk you through our sample products and can help to guide you through the entire process.


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