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Canopies and Carports in Scotland

Get in touch with 123v experts to arrange an extension of domestic outdoor space. We can construct and fit canopies around your home or workplace in Scotland. As the UK leaders in the manufacture and installation of long-lasting canopies and other open-ended structures, we help you to make the most of your outdoor living area. As the weather in Scotland is unpredictable and vulnerable areas are frequently subjected to high winds and heavy snowfalls, it is important for the canopies to be designed to withstand the various weather conditions of the UK. At 123v, all our outdoor canopies and carports are engineered to cope with significant loads and harsh weather conditions. We also conduct independent testing and scrutiny of all our design concepts to ensure that every custom canopy structure is fit for purpose and built to last. To reflect our confidence in our robust designs, we attach a 10 year guarantee to all installations – no matter where you are based. At 123v our canopies and outdoor shelters are not only ideal additions to homes, but also provide weatherproof cover for commercial premises. [caption id="attachment_1385" align="alignnone" width="300"]traditional-white-carport-in-front-of-bmw-garage traditional-white-carport-in-front-of-bmw-garage[/caption]

Dedicated teams that work across Scotland

As a nationwide supplier of outdoor shelters, we have dedicated installation teams that work across Scotland. To understand your individual requirements, we also conduct an initial no-obligation survey where our Regional Surveyors assess the location to suggest available options and possibilities. 123v Plc carports are designed to suit all architectural styles and help owners protect their vehicles from variable weather conditions. Carports in Scotland can particularly expect to have a tougher time than the rest of the UK. This is because the region is one of the places most prone to high winds and heavy snowfall throughout the UK. Such harsh weather conditions and higher altitudes are going to test any structure exposed to the elements. That is why, at 123v, we take special care in the design and installation of our carports so that they can withstand significant loads imposed by the accumulation of snow or high wind speeds. Our wide range of carport designs are made to the highest specifications, providing protection all year round against rain, wind, snow and other inclement weather conditions. We have installed carports in some of the most challenging locations around Scotland including Tomintoul, fitted in 1999, which regularly sees considerable snowfall – not being far from the Aviemore and Lecht ski resorts.   All our Scotland carports have performed extremely well, prompting customers to get back to us with subsequent carport and canopy plans. The image here is of a cantilever carport installed on the Isle of Skye in 2004. This was what the customer had to say after a particularly stormy night: Although a great deal of damage was done to my sheds, fences and trees the car port remained firmly fixed to the croft and sustained no damage. The storm was one of the worst in living memory on Skye in 2004. Your calculations were correct. A testament to you and your product.

We have been installing carports all over Scotland since the 1990′s and have now added a depot serving Glasgow Strathclyde

Our teams have vast experience in making sure you get a car shelter built for the temperamental Scottish weather, whether you live or work in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, the Lothian region or in the Highlands. As various winters have proved, anywhere in the UK can be subjected to unexpected weather. That’s why we make sure our carports and canopy products are up to the grade. Wall fixings for our cantilever carports would normally be mechanical, 20mm in diameter and supplied by Hilti Great Britain and Rawbolt. Occasionally, chemical anchors will be used depending on the base material. Using quality materials is just one of the reasons our products are capable of withstanding the considerable loads imposed by high winds or heavy snowfalls. Our high standard of work is also reflected in our adherence to regulatory criteria. We ensure that all our team members are well versed in the design and installation of the different open-ended structures. We also adhere to strict health and safety codes at every stage of the manufacturing and fitting process. To help us understand exactly what you need for your particular property and to ensure that you get the right product for your needs, our Regional Surveyors also conduct a no obligation site survey. Ordering your carport and covered parking design in Scotland from 123v Plc couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is call us on our Freephone number 0800 783 3835 or request an appointment by filling out our Contact Form. Want to know more about our Carport or Canopies in Scotland? Follow us @123vPlc and use #canopiesscotland