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Glass Canopies

Add a touch of style and individuality to your home or commercial facility with a custom-designed glass canopy. Each 123v installation is fitted as a robust yet ornate covered shelter. We specialise in the production and fitting of covered walkways which not only increase usable outdoor living space but also maximise the visual appeal of a property. Our canopies also provide protection from the sun, rain, snow and other inclement weather elements while furnishing a contemporary, sleek look to your building exteriors. All our glass canopies are durable and easy to maintain, thereby enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.


As leading carport and canopy experts, 123v Plc has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke open-ended structures. Our range of tailored outdoor shade solutions also includes school canopies, verandas, smoking shelters and covered walkways.


Glass Canopy

Glass Canopy


A glass patio canopy transforms an outside area into a fully functional living space. Across all seasons, 123v glass patio verandas and canopies offer comfortable, spacious shelters from UV rays in sunlight, heavy rain and snowfall. Gardens are left unused as the weather becomes more unpredictable, so get in touch with us to set up a front row seat in anticipation of a beautiful winter wonderland in your own back garden. Since we specialise in the design and installation of bespoke garden architecture like glass verandas and patio canopies, our structures protect the condition of your garden furniture.


Whether small and intimate or a larger canopy installation, we have a variety of charming designs available which ensure domestic privacy while retaining a spacious environment. Across every stage of the design, manufacture and fitting of our glass patio canopies, we focus on the practical benefits as well as the overall aesthetic appeal. Our carefully crafted constructions are assembled with precision by our skilled teams; 123v experts are experienced in the design of custom canopies to fit all garden and patio spaces, large or small.


Robust safety glass is used to withstand inclement weather conditions in all seasons, making the finished product an ideal shade for exposed patio areas, perfect places for alfresco dining, and the ultimate location for outdoor entertaining. A patio canopy or veranda is a link between the house and garden, creating space beneath a transparent outside shelter. Take a look at our glass veranda galleries online to view some of our recent work; we take pride in our extensive range of enclosed extensions in homes across the UK.


Our custom-build canopies and glass verandas are luxury models which add value to properties and maximise outdoor space around a home. All our products are tested in various weather settings and we provide a 10 year guarantee as a demonstration of our confidence in all our carport, canopy and veranda installations. Our Regional Surveyors will carry out a site survey before supplying an obligation-free quote. For more information regarding our service, or to order a free veranda brochure, please use our Contact Form online or call us on our Freephone number 0800 783 3835.


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Browse the 123v Plc canopy brochure to discover our complete product range, from domestic canopy designs to commercial canopy styles.


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