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Carport over Triple Garages, 123v Plc


Carport over Triple Garages 123v Plc

Carport over Triple Garages 123v Plc

Product Name: Carport over Triple Garages, 123v Plc


Project Brief: To provide a carport canopy area, without posts so as not to restrict the usage of the clients driveway to their Garages. This is particularly useful when opening the garage doors, This also allows for working in the dry.


Product: Cantilever Carport


Property Description: Stone Multiple Garage.


Colour: White


Materials Used: GRP beams, Translucent GRP sheeting.


Installation Time: 2 day


Size: 9m long x 3.2m projection x 12 lin meter m2


Extras: Guttering linking into existing system.

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